Monday, 16 June 2014

Mosquito update!

With the rains come more bugs, or so I'm told.

Well, so far, here in PlayaHermosa, we have only really encountered two or three major rainfalls. The landscape is slowly turning green - hence it is known as the 'green season' rather than the 'rainy season': far more romantic a term, one that hooks the tourists in better too, I'm sure.

However, has no one told the bugs that we haven't experienced much rainfall yet? More specifically the mosquitoes? 

I was beginning to think that I had adapted to the damn creatures, because over the past few months, I had been getting bitten less and less. But alas no, a few drops of rain and their super-duper tracking devices have found me yet again. My lower legs, ankles and feet are reminiscent of a child's 'Dot-to-Dot' picture. In fact, the mosquitoes must have had difficulty finding a space to bite last night, as they ventured up towards my arms instead. 

Recently at school, YS made some concoction of cloves, alcohol and baby oil that is supposed to protect you from the blighters. Not sure if it does, but I rub it on every evening religiously. Combing his mixture along with the Deet that I also spray over myself, plus the couple of garlic cloves I eat every day and the vitamin B tablets that I take (if I remember),  I smell delicious!!! I think people can smell me coming before they see me. 

But guess what? I still get bitten more than anyone else. 

It's just not fair!! (Slight temper tantrum similar to a petulant toddler ensues!)

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Gabriela Bernate said...

You are just tastier than those boys of yours... Sweet, sweet Stella!