Wednesday, 28 May 2014


YS has only gone and got braces on his teeth!!

After months of wanting them, his wish has been granted. 

I wonder how long before the complaining starts??



Friday, 23 May 2014

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Long Overdue Update!

Oh dear, I've been a bit lapse with the old blog for the last couple of months or so! My apologies for those that follow me.

Life kind of got in the way!

Dilemma's in the UK along with palavers at home

So what's been happening over here in Coco, I hear you say?


Amongst other things ...

DH walked into a glass door and sliced half of his forehead off! 
Blood everywhere, panic ensues (mostly by me), followed by: regular ambulance x 2; air ambulance x 1; 2 night stay in a private hospital in San Jose; nice bit of plastic surgery (by a boob surgeon - still waiting for a nipple to appear!!); yet more scars on his head and of course a huge bill (yet to be paid by the insurance company). 

YS turned 12 (I can't believe it either!!). Where does the time go? More to the point where has my curly-haired baby gone? He is so grown-up now that he decided to have some 'tram-lines' added to his now straight hair when he last went to the barbers - NOT a happy mummy!!!

The family have enjoyed fun outings to the wetlands and wildlife areas nearby, where an array of fabulous creatures were spotted! Quite a few on my 'not so favourite' list.
A Sunbathing Croc.

Bats Asleep on a Tree Trunk

A HUGE snake!!! A Boa perhaps!

And there have been day trips to the thermal waters, treks along rope bridges, boat trips and zip-lining. 

YS Enjoying the Zip-line

All very active!!

Then there is the weather: May is supposed to herald the start of green season. Well, the rain in the Coco area appeared for just a few days, and has not been seen again! To be honest, it feels a little similar to England in summer - humid - although about 10 degrees hotter! Some beautiful new shrubs and trees have blossomed though.

The newly built outdoor kitchen area
with new tiled and stone flooring
La Casita has all been finished so the work has started on our house now, or rather the pool area of our house: an outdoor 'kitchen' area has been constructed; the outdoor shower has been smartened up and we have constructed a 'ranchero' to provide some much-needed shade around the pool area. 

Emptied of water and the old tiles chipped off. 

The swimming pool itself is also under reconstruction and has been emptied of water and re-tiled with small blue mosaic tiles. The flooring area around the pool is being tiled too, as most of the previous tiles were broken. 

Work on that should be finished next week - hooray!!!!! 

Pictures to follow ... shortly, I promise!