Friday, 23 August 2013

'Testing the Water' - my first blog.

OK so here we go, the initial letters, words, sentences and paragraphs of my first ever blog.

To kick off an introduction is needed; me, I am 42 years old, British and have lived in the same area all my life, albeit in various different houses. Although I have a degree in English Literature and History of Art, I am not a career girl. Instead I raised our 2 boys (aged 16 and 11) and helped run our now defunct Car Body Repairs business. I recently married my long-suffering partner of 24 years.

The DH ('darling husband' to which, for the purpose of this blog,  I will always refer to him as!) was originally from Venezuela, moved to England when he was 17 and has been here for over 30 years - he would like to go back 'home' for some sunshine and warmth, but that is not really an option what with the politics over there! So the DH looked to the next best thing he could find and Costa Rica was the winner; beautiful surroundings, warm seas, spectacular wildlife, fantastic micro-climates, a slower pace of life and most importantly of all, a safe and stable country. After years of listening to this dream of his, I finally relented and agreed to the big upheaval.

Together, as a family, we are upping sticks from the affluent South-East of England and are moving indefinitely to Costa Rica. Our plan is to move to the North-West area of Guanacaste, exact town yet to be decided, but somewhere near Playa del Coco. First of all we will rent a house (one of the conditions of this big move is that the house has to have a pool!!!); the kids will go to International School; within a few months DH hopes to have set up a small business and will be able to work. If all goes well, who knows, we may stay forever, set up a B&B and live happily ever after!

I hope that this blog will be an outlet for the trials and tribulations that  we will no doubt come across; an on-line diary so that our friends and family in England and across the world can be kept up-to-date with our everyday life. I also plan to include the hopes and expectations of our mid-life crisis!

Give me time and I will learn to add photos, links and all sorts of things to my blog.

Here's to our own little adventure, a gap-year for the family!

And we are off!