Monday, 16 June 2014

Dia del Arbol at Playa Hermosa.

On Saturday morning The Playa Hermosa Association celebrated their annual Dia del Arbol, planting trees and shrubs at the beach.

The truck arrives with the trees and plants for the beach. 

Armed with shovels and a pickaxe, DH, YS and I decided to don our 'community-spirit hats' and went along to join in the fun and do some digging. Well to be honest, DH did most of the work, while YS and I watched him!

The priest was there to bless the activities.
Quite a little crowd turned out to assist Heather and the Association, both Tico's and Gringo's. The local priest was invited to bless all those attending with Holy Water. 

Hermosa's Younger  Helpers!

The local children watering the first plant DH planted.

Heather (in blue) supervising the planting along the beach. 

We were even lucky enough to have some rain on Sunday, saving us the task of watering the new flora.