Thursday, 12 June 2014

World Cup Fever Begins.

We had made an appointment today with an estate agent, or Realtor as they are known here, to take photographs of La Casita to advertise it for rental purposes.

She was booked to come between noon and 1pm.

Mid-morning, we got a call from her to say she would not be able to make it today and could we re-schedule for tomorrow instead? Because ...

Well, give her some credit, she was extremely up-front and honest with us: her reason for not being able to attend was ... the World Cup! She was meeting her friends at the Lizard Lounge for a few beers and to watch the match on the Big Screen.

Costa Rica is three hours behind San Paulo! Only the Opening Ceremony was taking place at that time. The football itself wouldn't start for a couple of hours yet, plus La Sele were not even playing in the opening match!

Can you imagine an estate agent in England not making an appointment because the World Cup was about to begin in a few hours?

To be honest we were not that bothered - we were sat in a nearby bar, trying to get internet connection, as well as watching the football coverage. We found it quite funny really. 

As the Tico's say, Pura Vida!

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