Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Shoe Thief.

YS had his football trainers stolen from outside the front door a couple of weeks ago. 

He was gutted, I mean truly gutted! They were his pride and joy; his ticket to football stardom; the envy of all his classmates, and most likely every Tico that set eyes on them! I, myself, was extremely angry, but kind of pleased as they were the most hideous fluorescent green and yellow and purple things you have ever seen!

However, DH was totally and utterly furious. Not only had somebody stolen his kid's shoes, but they had stolen them from our property. Thing is we had quite a few tradesmen in that day: there was Jose with his band of merry men, about 5 in total; then there was the carpenter with 3 of his team, as well as his 11 year old son; and finally a trio of gardeners were around the place for a short while. 

Who to blame? To be honest, it will probably remain one of life's little unsolved mysteries. We all have a prime suspect, but no proof. As nobody would admit to the theft, DH decided to deduct money from each of the parties present - not a happy workforce!

Then, earlier this week, upon his return from school, ES protested that he could not find his black shoes (one of many black pairs!). DH grumbled that there had been 2 pairs in the morning whilst he was sweeping, but ES was insistent that a pair was missing. A search party was dispatched to various locations around the house, while I went and looked in the garden. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I looked inside a cardboard box situated at the back of the house, that had been abandoned and was just collecting garden refuse. Lo and behold, sub
merged amongst some wrapping material, were ES's trainers! Hidden from view, hoping to be retrieved by the thief later?

Once again, who to accuse? Jose and his gang, or the chippie's apprentice, Eduardo, that was here for a second time?

DH is livid to the point of rabid! But rather than play the blame game, he writes an expletive-ridden note and leaves it in the box, in the hope that the culprit will confess or come clean (doubtful, I know, but worth a try).

Today, we learn from Eduardo, that as Jose was cleaning up yesterday, he returned from the rear of our house, laughing heartily to himself: he then proceeded to relate the joke to his workers - for it was he who has found the note from DH!. 

The shoe thief himself or just the patsy?

If you read some of the expat forums here in CR, a large proportion bemoan the fact that the Tico's, and the Nica's, are a thieving bunch; opportunists, just seizing the moment. If something is left lying around, they don't see it as stealing but as a gift for them. They will deny they have taken it or pretend they didn't see it. We have heard many a story of cleaners taking linen home, or gardeners digging up plants from their employers to sell elsewhere. I have tried not to be influenced by other peoples view of the locals of this country, but instead, I have searched for their good points. Over the past few months, however, we have learnt to lock our belongings away at all times. Building materials and tools just seem to go missing on a regular basis: a bag of cement here, a hammer there. 

 But the shoes were just the last straw! Tie your grandmother down, or she might just get stolen!

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