Friday, 29 November 2013


So after the spider episode the other morning, I encountered yet more beastly creatures later in the afternoon. 

I went to open a sliding window and because it was quite stiff, I had to use a little more force. As the window slid along the runners it collided with not one, but two wasps nests, on the outside of the building. The small nests fell, crashing to the ground; the inhabitants flew in all directions and I ran screaming, loudly, towards the pool, convinced that a swarm was chasing me. About to jump in, I realised I did not have a towel or any dry clothes. Not wanting to be in wet attire for the remainder of the day, I quickly tucked my dress in my knickers, jumped into the shallow end of the pool and dunked my head and arms into the water, just in case there were any lingering wasps around me. Meanwhile, a Tico had also made his way towards the pool because the now angry wasps were in his work area. I am not sure who was the most embarrassed; myself, the Tico or YS, who had been laughing at the events thus far, but now whose mother was flashing her bloomers! 

One little creature managed to get me on the arm though, b*****d! 

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