Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Communications are lost with the outside world!

What can a family achieve when they are without internet and TV for 10 days????

  • Move house! Yes, we have moved ... again. This is hopefully the last time for a while. We have moved 13 km along the coast to Playa Hermosa. Boxes are still everywhere, but at least we can call it home.

  • Read a book: for once not me but my kids!!!! Yes the boys actually picked up some reading material; ES nearly finished a Jeremy Clarkson book and YS is on to his third publication. Proud mum moment as I never thought it would happen (and no doubt an occurrence that will never be repeated now we have communications with the outside world again).

  • Play games. Yes the kids humoured me and we played some board games together. Of course we were then punished with games of chess whereby ES thrashed us ... time and time again.

  • ES taught YS how to wave-board ... and there was no arguing or fights. How odd!

  • Bake the most disgusting cookies ever. Note to self, UK recipes may need a little adapting.

  • DH almost loses his thumb while he lovingly super glues one of my favourite pieces of crockery back together, one of my antique 'Pancake plates' that belonged to my grandfathers' grandparents (I think that is correct). The plate slipped, sliced his thumb by about and inch long and was so deep that we could see the bone!!!!!! I possibly, no definitely would have thrown the plate across the patio, but knowing how much I love these vintage vessels, he remained calm and put the offending weapon down carefully! However, he decides no trip to the doctor is necessary and attends to the would himself (I am obviously too squeamish for nurse duties). Two days later, when the wound will not heal, he finally goes to the doctor, only to be told it is too late to be stitched and is just sent away with some cream and antibiotics. A week on, the wound is hideous still and will leave a great scar.

  • We receive our first items of mail, very exciting.

  • Almost have an altercation at the bank - if I spoke Espanol, I would have undeniably quarreled with the teller: some money we transferred from the UK to here was rejected and sent back!!! Apparently as it was our third foreign deposit, the bank would not accept it because of money laundering - aaarrrggghhh. We now are in the process of getting some legal documents completed in order for the transaction to be accepted next time I transfer the money. Once again, patience is a virtue that I am slowly coming to terms with.

  • Have a break from Candy Crush - NOT.

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Joe Turner said...

get them both to read Junk.