Sunday, 27 October 2013

Giant Grasshopper.

Plans for an evening swim were ended extremely quickly when one of these beasts flew at my head, just as I was gingerly dipping my toe in the pool. Screaming, I abandoned the water and ran indoors thinking that perhaps a bat had landed on my head.

Watching television later, the creature flew to the fly screen. Some refer to it as a cricket, others as a locust. One thing is or sure, it is one of the biggest crickets you will ever see.

From the inside looking out.

Roughly the same length as an Ipad screen.

The next morning he was still there, attached to the fly screen. 

If I have done my research correctly, its Latin name is Tropidacris Dux

Maybe these were the inspiration for "Beginning of the End" a 1950's sci-fi film whereby giant locusts attacked Chicago? I sure as hell thought I was being attacked when it landed in my hair!

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