Friday, 25 October 2013

Huevos de Amor

 I have finally found somewhere to purchase Free Range Eggs. They are not readily available here in Costa Rica, or at least I have had trouble locating them. 

Perhaps there is little market for such eggs: the Tico's mostly seem to have chickens in their yards, so presumably do not need to buy eggs from the supermarkets or elsewhere. But what about other the egg eaters though? As there is little in the way of organic food on offer here either, maybe the general public are just not interested in such foodstuffs.

However, after a chance conversation with one of our neighbours, I was directed to Huevos de Amor San Jorge, a farm not too far away that raises chickens who in turn lay free range eggs. The owner, a Canadian lady called Donna, delivers once a week in Coco and we can buy directly from her, from the back of her Jeep. They cost £2.50 for 15 eggs, not especially cheap, but they are a lot larger than the battery farmed eggs that are sold for a similar price in the shops.

Cheese and grapefruit are also for sale, yet to be sampled by us. 

Next quest is to find organic meat. 

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