Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Correos Part Three

So back on Tuesday as agreed. We actually got there a bit early, good or bad thing?

Official beurocrat, to be known from now on as Señor Correos, was there and remembered that we were coming, which was a good start. Paperwork given to us to fill out - we have filled out more forms this last eight weeks than in a year back home. Passport produced yet again, plus colour photocopy handed over: this is another marvel, our passports are requested as ID at almost all transactions. My passport has never been flashed so much! 

Anyway, forms all satisfactory on our side, leaving Señor Correos to fill out his bit. Apparently, according to the official, it is much easier to get a PO Box in Panama, less paperwork; good to know!! Searching for United Kingdom on his list of countries in order to state our nationalities, and it is absent, it can't be found anywhere! I can not be listed as a British citizen. DH reverts to Venezuelan, but me ... I have to be Scottish, or Irish! Señor Correos even manages to find Wales, but no Britain! I opt for Irish. 

Finally, after having been in the building for 45 minutes, and paying 10000 Colones for the pleasure, we are handled the key to our PO Box. We are now able to receive mail ... Well, until January when we have to pay another 10000 Colones, about £13, all for a small box in the wall. 

How reliable it is remains to be seen. 

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