Thursday, 10 July 2014

Walter Hoy's Originals.

I thought I might try a fashion post today. Well, a shoe post to be precise. Not something I have ever done before, or have any great knowledge of, but hey, why not try something different?

Like most gals, I love shoes. I don't buy as many as I would like, and it is fairly safe to say that I don't own as many as I would like. In fact my footwear ensemble has certainly dwindled in size these past few years - I'm not sure that I even possess 10 decent pairs nowadays. Which is not really a problem here in Costa Rica because its flip-flops all the way where we live.

However, the Summer Holidays are fast approaching in the UK and as I have lived in beach apparel and the like for almost a year, I had the idea of sharing with my friends back home (and around the world of course) my current favourite summer footwear.

Salt-Water Sandals. I love 'em!!
Admittedly they are not new product, having been around Stateside since the 1940's, but the Original Salt-Water Sandals are a new discovery to me, by way of my Mum (thanks Mum).

Playa Hermosa this morning.
They are just so darn comfortable, so much so that I forget that I am wearing them. In fact I wore them all day yesterday running errands in Liberia (the heat from the pavement is shocking there), as well as a walk along the beach this morning and they feel just like slippers. I've worn them non-stop almost for the past couple of months and they still look like new.

PLUS! Get this. Even though they are leather, they can be worn in water!!! No more ugly Jelly shoes when you want to go for a paddle. Or when you get caught out in the frequent British rain. According to their website, Salt-Water and Sun-San Sandals can even be put through the washing machine, although I have yet to try it!

They are even available for kids ... although I doubt that they would suit ES and YS!!

I love my green shoes so much that I think I may even invest in another pair. Yellow or red, I just can't decide. 

Let me know your colour of choice. Or even better, why not send me a photo of you or your kids wearing a pair. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like & use them mine are older as are feet red in colour will not post a photo as feet not as pretty as shoes ( mummy)