Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Rango the Iguana v Malcom the Mosquito.

Last night as I was plagued with insomnia (again), I started contemplating how long Rango (see yesterday's post) had been playing hide and seek in our bedroom? An hour or two, possibly a day or even more? I'm not sure really, because after all he only left 1 solid present for us and no puddles (sorry for being so crude!). 

Out of interest, does anybody know how long an iguana can hold its bladder for? No me neither.

Malcom the Miserly Mosquito
Anyway, for the first time in about 3 nights, my arch-enemies, the mosquitoes, returned, feasting on my legs and ankles with a vengeance. So I got to thinking that perhaps Rango had actually been protecting me all along. Kind of like a fairy godmother ... admittedly in an uniquely strange and unconventional disguise, but who am I to say what a fairy godmother should be wearing these days? But I digress. Instead of gratifying me with a pretty frock, a pumpkin carriage and ultimately a handsome prince, (which would have been very nice don't get me wrong), maybe Rango was in reality charged with preserving my (delicate!) limbs by overindulging on the pesky flying bugs that I 'love' so much. 

Who knows. 

But I feel really bad that we have banished Rango to the garden now, because as I am itching like CRAZEEEEEE!!

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