Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Dolphin.

Spot of lunch at the beach yesterday.

Smelt a bit fishy, as is natural by the sea.

A wake of vultures close to the water's edge.

Curious, yet not totally irregular.

Upon further investigation, 

(Unfortunately with no means of recording),

We beheld our first 'close-encounter' with a dolphin,

Sadly beached and bereft of life.

Once beautiful and graceful,

Now bloated and lacking sight.

Pecked by the waiting winged scavengers,

Its blubber, too thick to penetrate and prey on.

A base and lonesome burial ensued,

A Tico dug grave by the shore.

Attended by no friends nor family,

Just two tourists, with I-phones in hand.


Belinda Silver said...

Are you still blogging about your adventures in CR? I miss reading your posts.

stella B said...

Hi Belinda.
I have been a bit remiss of late, but have just added a new post on the blog and hope to keep up-to-date with it again from now on.
Glad you enjoy it!