Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Breadwinner.

Well, as they say on Strictly Come Dancing (other reality TV shows are available!), this past week has been what they call "an emotional roller-coaster".

So let's just focus on a positive point  for now.

I have got a job - yay!!! The request came in on Friday night by email, I accepted on Saturday morning and started work on the following Monday. Muy rapido.*

It is in a local school, tutoring two teenage sisters in English, with the goal of getting them up to speed with (some) of their contemporaries and pass their exams at the end of the year. I am only contracted to eight hours of teaching a week, and have already spent triple that amount of time on lesson planning! I also have to assist them with their History assignments as this class is also taught in English. 

Their knowledge of the language is very limited, but the older of the girls, Sasha, comprehends slightly more than her younger sister. Of course what with my Spanish not being great, it can make for some awkward silences while we search our dictionaries, or on-line translations for help. Just for the record, Google Translate can not always be trusted:

Lost in Translation:
On Wednesday, Roselyn, the younger of the two, was absent from our lesson. Sasha passed me a hand-written note saying
"she has broken her knee"
Oh my goodness, how awful for the poor girl. "Como"* (how) I asked her?  "Jugando" (playing) I was told. God, what the hell was she playing I thought to myself. So you can imagine my surprise yesterday morning when Roselyn turned up for class ... with no cast, no crutches or any visible wound even. Remarkable! Must be something to do with the fantastic healthcare that Costa Rica has to offer!

Oops I digress. Anyway, I have been Teacher Stella for one week now. On Monday morning I was full of enthusiasm and gusto, all set to be a female version of Robin Williams in 'Dead Poets Society'; but by Friday afternoon all such thoughts had dissipated. Instead I feel as useless as a chocolate kettle. But hey, time will tell. 

And for now, I am just happy that I have got a job!

*sorry Spanish friends for my lack of accents but not sure where to find them on the keyboard!

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