Thursday, 6 March 2014

Manzana de Agua.

A gift this morning from Rafa.

Manzana de Agua, or water apples.

A Crimson Collection of Manazana.

These little apples are native to some parts of Central America as well as Malaysia. The trees are just blooming here, early summer, and will bear fruit for the next three months.
Milky-white flesh, similar to a radish.

Oval shaped and only about 5 cm long, their skin is green when tender, changing to a beautiful crimson-red when ready, (although they can be white or pink skinned too). The flesh is white and surrounds a large seed, which apparently is easy to cultivate, making it a favourite for people to grow in their gardens. And the smell? Well the aroma is just wonderful, like fresh, fragrant sweet roses.

So, after thanking Rafa for the fruit, YS informs us that he tasted them at school the other day and not only do they look like radishes, which he hates, but that they also taste disgusting!

Great, a whole bowlful for me then.

Or maybe not.

I was not particular enchanted with them either: they are quite watery in texture and slightly sweet to taste, but not as 'apply' as I imagined. Perhaps if I keep them in the fridge and eat them chilled, they will be more appealing and refreshing - we'll see.

In the meantime, I had better find a way to consume them other than as plain ol' fruit. A little internet research and I found quite a few interesting recipes. Ceviche, a favourite here in CR, is a possibility, or with cassava maybe.

But for now, I just blended about ten of the pretty fruit with water and lime juice (no added sugar) and served over crushed ice. Hmm, refreshing!

A Virgin Water-Apple Cocktail!

All that's missing is a dash of vodka ... bit too early in the day for that!! Maybe next time!

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