Thursday, 30 January 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

Today, February 2nd 2014 is 'Super Bowl Sunday'.

A day that many Americans believe should be incorporated into a national three day holiday. A day where where many cite its ability to unite America's different cultures, races and religions. A day where more food is consumed in the States than on any other day of the year, bar Thanksgiving. A day where even churches sometimes cancel their afternoon and evening services. 

At the risk of offending my fellow expatriates here in CR, most of whom are either American or Canadian (are Canadians interested in the Super Bowl?),  what does Super Bowl mean to us British?

Like myself, I don't think many Brits know too much about the Super Bowl, other than it is the final match of the season. To be perfectly honest, I don't think many of them are particularly interested either. I think you will find that most of us British people just don't really see the point of American Football. But why is that?

Firstly, it is not 'football'; as the word suggests, 'football' involves feet kicking a ball, not running with it.

Secondly, running with a ball is a game known as Rugby.

In my humble opinion, American Football is really,

  • rugby for wimps - look at all the padding those American boys wear! 
  • rugby with minimal playing time - always stopping for this, that and the other!
(Said in a very pathetic voice, with big puppy-dog eyes, "Sorry, please don't hate me, it's only a bit of fun" :))

This year then, as we are much more exposed to the Super Bowl, we have decided rather than dismiss it for all the above failings, we are going to embrace it; well the boys and I are at least - DH is not one for sports that involves a team. Ok, so maybe 'embrace' is too stong a word ... I think perhaps 'feign some interest' is more the term I am looking for. 

Obviously a trip to the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is not on the cards (note to my friends back home, that this is where the game is being held), but instead we plan a quick beer at one of the many bars that is screening the game live. Having no idea of whom to support, we have opted for the Seattle Seahawks as opposed to the Denver Broncos, for no other reason that DH's sister and her family live near Seattle. 

May the best team win!

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