Saturday, 14 December 2013

Is Iguana Wee a Sign of Friendship?

We have some 'pets' here in Costa Rica ... three wild iguanas. They hang about  upon our roof and in our garden. I believe them to be creatures of habit, because just before noon everyday, they shuffle along the roof tiles, sunbathe a while, then muddle along the guttering, to a flowering archway of shrubbery before hiding away somewhere cooler for the afternoon. They usually return to the summit late afternoon and then slink away to who knows where for the night.

Basking in the mid-day sun.

Myself and YS are trying to, well not exactly tame them, but encourage them to be a little less timid (of us at least); we are feeding them bits of banana and watermelon. They scurry away and hide when we hedge towards them with our offerings, but the fruit has always gone when we check later on. In fact, the largest of the three was lounging on the wall early this morning, just watching and waiting; no disappearing off when we walked past. Seems to be that we are making progress right?

Waiting for his morning fruit.

No, it would appear not. 

Just before lunch, while reading in the shade of the aforementioned blossoming bow of flora, I was quite shocked when what appeared to be an invisible elephant pee'd from above! A tsunami of pee in fact! Luckily it landed just behind me, splashing all over the gravel driveway, but boy, did it make me jump. The damned lounge lizard decided to relieve himself, whilst on route to his shady afternoon napping area ... and it happened to be just above where I was sitting!

The Offending Fellow!

I realise that each country, and indeed each species, have their own individual ways and customs; but surely peeing on a patrons head is not the best way of making friends and ensuring some tasty fruit for breakfast.

Or is it???

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