Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fruit in our Garden.

I have already shown the limes growing in our garden I think. Last week, DH discovered another, much larger tree and made fresh juice one morning with the fruits that he and YS picked - very delicious and refreshing!

Limes cause a huge amount of arguments in our household and have done for years. The reason being? In the UK, limes are small, round GREEN fruit and lemons are slightly larger, sort of oval-shaped and are YELLOW. Not so in Venezuela, and so it seems in Costa Rica. The limes growing in our garden are called 'limon' which translates to lemon; thus as DH has said for years, lemons are in fact small, round and green. No, no, no, so wrong in every which way! I mean, what colour would lime green be?

This begs the question, what do the the Ticos call lemons?  And yes of course, they call them limes, just like DH. Not only that, but they make fresh lemonade out of what we call limes, as they say that (yellow) lemons are too sour! 


The accursed lime/lemon tree!

Moving on from the limes -sorry lemons (when in Rome...), we also have a few banana trees too, one of which is bearing fruit! Quite a small bunch, but a bundle nonetheless. 

Four Banana Plants

The First Bunch!

We also have a papaya tree, although how we are to reach the fruit I am not so sure! Personally I am not a fan of the orange-fleshed produce; to be honest I think it smells of vomit, sorry!


DH loves papaya though, especially when made into a smoothie with a touch of lime, no lemon, no lime ... oh for God's sake, I mean a squeeze of the green one!!

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