Sunday, 17 November 2013

Absent Edibles.

Three months into our new life and I have been thinking of things that I miss most about England.

It goes without saying that family and friends are top of the list.

But after them, I think I can safely say that food and the vast variety that the UK has to offer, is what I miss the most!

I would so love a curry - poppadoms, samosas, pilau rice, chana massala, lamb passanda; almost anything from the local curry-house in fact. I appreciate that I am quite capable of preparing such cuisine, but nothing beats an Indian take-away on a Saturday night does it?


A first-rate fry up wouldn't go amiss either: big, fat sizzling sausages, thick rashers of bacon, organic eggs, black pudding and baked beans. Oh I do like baked beans so much and they just don't sell them here; all sorts of other pulses and legumes, but not good ol' Heinz 57.


Chocolate, naturally! U.S. chocolate just isn't a patch on the British version, which to me is a smooth, silky, sophisticated, exquisite, luxurious, delightful confectionery!


A selection of breakfast cereals would be good; we can get Cornflakes and Frosties at great expense, but the other cereals available (about 6 in total) are so full of sugar and colourings that I think we would be buzzing for hours.


Cream - it doesn't seem to exist here. Not sure what I will use for filling the Victoria Sponge that I always have to whip up for DH's birthday. 


Decent bread is lacking here too. As is acceptable pasta, although we have found an Italian deli that sells reasonable tasting pasta.

Oh, did I mention tea? I have bought some here, 'Twinings' - yuck; old, stale leaves packaged prettily to sell to the Americans (sorry friends from the U.S!). It is disgusting and just not ... well it's just not right! Instead, I have had to resort to drinking coffee in the morning, which is marginally less revolting.

Quickly reading back through this list though, I realise that although my head may be missing these wonderful comestibles, I am fairly sure that my heart and arteries are not!

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