Sunday, 13 July 2014

War Against the Mosquito Continues ... This Time with a Certain Yellow Fruit!

My sister-in-law recently sent me an interesting article about the most beloved of fruits, the banana. You know, stuff that we all know like, how bananas are an instant and substantial boost of energy; and that 2 pieces of this super fruit will provide you with enough energy for a 90 minute workout. 

But this piece of writing also had some other interesting facts about why we should include bananas in our daily diet. For example, did you know that bananas are essential for combating mild depression and PMS? They are also helpful in the fight against anemia and high blood pressure as well as soothing heartburn. Oh yes, and they are a useful foodstuff when suffering with morning sickness. 

Now obviously the latter is of little concern to me these days, and to be quite frank the only thing that soothes my heartburn is half a pack of peppermint Rennies. Nonetheless, what really interested me, and probably the reason why I was sent the article in the first place, is that apparently bananas are good for mosquito bites. I mean, who would have thought it? First time I've read anything in the same thread and believe me I have read a lot this past year about mosquitoes! Anyway, it's not the eating of the tropical fruit that offers up the the supposed salve to those irritating bites. No, it's the inside skin of the banana being rubbed on the infected area that many people find successful at reducing swelling and irritation.

The things is, I'm pretty good during my waking hours at NOT touching the irritating bites. But at night! In my sleep! I can't tell you how often I have woken myself up because I'm scratching at my ankles ferociously. 

So last night, I thought I'd give this 'new-fangled-miracle-cure' a try. I broke my rule of eating something sweet before bed time (c'mon, who am I kidding), and much to the horror of DH, I proceeded to rub the discarded banana skin over my legs and ankles. Hmmm, a much more pleasing aroma than my usual night-time perfume  - Eau de Deet! Mind you, my legs smelt ever so slightly sickly though, a bit like those banana sweets you can buy at a pick-a-mix stand.

The result? Well I'm not really sure. I mean, I didn't wake up itching or anything. 

So, in the name of science, and for the good of all humanity, I am willing to undertake to the experiment a few more times. If nothing else, at least I can make use of the skins on our new crop of bananas when they are ready!

Our latest crop!

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