Saturday, 19 July 2014

Two Excursions to Enjoy near Playa del Coco.

Wet towels. 

Possibly one of my top pet hates. 

No wait: wet towels dropped on the floor. Or, even worse, wet towels left abandoned on the bed. Eughh.

With four extra people staying with us at the moment, I seem to have an awful lot of wet towels lying around the house and pool area!

Now, honestly, I'm not complaining (honest guv), but why is it the male of the species can make towels wetter than anyone else? Especially teenage boys? I mean, does the water cling to their bodies more than it does to us women? Does the water get trapped in their hairy legs and armpits, only to be released when a dry towel is wrapped around them? I just don't understand!

Wet towels aside, its great having 4 extra kids staying with us. The long anticipated vacation both by ES and his friends from the UK. The boys have only been here five days so far and have spent a great deal of time at the beach, snorkeling and playing football, or just lazing around, poolside. As I write, they are enjoying some time together in Tamarindo as they are spending the weekend surfing there, sleeping at the Blue Trailz hostel In fact I had a call earlier to see if they could stay an extra night. What a life hey?
Thermal Waters and River At Rincon

But what about more organised excursions around the area? Where would teenage boys, and other holiday makers, like to visit when they come to Guanacaste, Costa Rica? In December 2012, we visited the thermal waters near Lake Arenal which was heavenly. Cold water cascades and warm thermal pools to relax in. Absolutely fantastic. We visited in the early evening and it was so magical being surrounded by the pitch dark sky and twinkling stars, whilst unwinding in natural spring pools heated by the nearby volcano. We thought the boys might appreciate a similar experience and decided to take them to Rincon de la Vieja, a nature reserve and volcano. DH acted as chauffeur and drove all six kids to Liberia the other afternoon, and after a short drive through the National Park they reached the thermal waters and mud baths. A soothing and relaxing activity which they all thoroughly enjoyed - especially the mud painting! Naturally not wanting to ruin their street-cred, they prefer to remain anonymous and refused to let me post any photos, sorry!

Of course there are plenty of zip-lining and canopy trails to chose from too. Yesterday, I took the boys to The Congo Trail Canopy Tour, about 10km away from us, near Sardinal. We booked a 9am session, which in hindsight was perhaps a little to early for the lads - they were all slightly sluggish to begin with, but the adrenalin soon kicked in and after an hour or so of whizzing through the trees on a cable, the boys all looked fit to drop. Unfortunately no Howler Monkeys were spotted, but nevertheless it was $25 (per person) well spent.

Flying through the air.

Next week, we have booked an ATV excursion for the kids ... if they survive their surfing trip!

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