Sunday, 29 June 2014

La Sele make World Cup History.

La Casita del Mariscos,

That was tense!

Costa Rica make it through to the Quarter Finals for the first time ever!

On penalties!

We watched from a local beach-bar, La Casita del Mariscos, with a few other Gringos and some very excitable Tico's.


The bar goes crazy when Brian Ruiz scores.

The atmosphere was great all the way up to the 90th minute when Greece scored to equalize.

A young La Sele supporter when Greece scored in the 90th minute.

Then the mood changed from 'party-party' to sombre and glum.

So upset as Greece takes it to extra time

Even through extra time, the crowd in the bar were acting like La Sele had already lost.

A downhearted Renee as the match goes into penalties.

 But then came the penalties. And the bar went wild.

Fantastic day to be by the beach, sipping a daiquiri, in Costa Rica

And Greece lose on penalties.

 Vamos La Sele!!!!!

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