Monday, 13 January 2014

The Embassy Theatre.

Frequented our local cinema for the first time last night, The Embassy Theatre. We saw The Lone Ranger, which does not really justify comment, safe to say it was not the best movie I have ever seen.

However, the cinema. How quaint. A small auditorium that only seats 120 people. And there was only the four of us in it! 

Upon arrival, you are led through the curtains to the cinema, and shown to any seat of your choice. Your drinks order is then taken!!! Yes, drinks order;  a choice of soda, Costa Rican beer or water. The gentleman who runs the cinema is no spring chicken, but he mooches down to the bar below and returns a few minutes later with your drinks. 

And the cost of this experience? For the film and the drink it was 3000 colones each, about £3.70. Can you even buy a beer for that in the UK, let alone a movie ticket too?

OK, so it is not some high-tech, 3D, digital, surround sound, all singing all dancing cinematic experience. But it was good enough for us.

DH, ES and I waiting for the film to start.


Gabriela Bernate said...

How were the drinks?

stella B said...

Can't go wrong with a beer! Very refreshing ;)