Sunday, 12 January 2014

NOT a New Years Resolution.

I am not really 'social meedya' savvy. 

I don't have Instagram or Flickr, but like everyone else, I have Facebook. To be honest, I am a bit of a Nosy Parker and therefore I look more than I update my 'status'; I don't think many people are that interested in what I had for dinner last night. 

I also have a Twitter account and have had for a year or so. I think I have tweeted about three times and re-tweeted about the same. Again, I like to see what other people Tweet rather than bore people with my own thoughts and opinions.

So why am I blogging? Good question and one I keep asking myself. It is so difficult to make everyday life seem interesting to others, especially as I haven't really written since I left university. For example, the drinks party the other night was OK, but not so great that I could pen a funny anecdote about it; after all, I want to make friends with the neighbours, and their associates, not enemies! 

Therefore, for 2014, I am going to ditch my 'nobody is interested' attitude and blog, tweet and update my status more often. If I say it is a New Years Resolution, I know that I will last only a few weeks, probably only a few days: a bit like chocolate - as soon as you say you are going to give it up, it is all you can think about and you cave-in within the week (or is that just me?). So this is not a resolution as such, just an effort to be more ... Confident? Out-there? Thick-skinned? Reactive? Not really sure what the aim is and it is easier said than done, but here goes.

First off, make my blog more appealing and reach a wider audience, try to get a 'buzz' going. Much as I appreciate my family and friends reading my rantings, it would be quite nice if a stranger stumbled upon my blog and signed up as a follower! Only problem is, I don't understand 'tech' speak AT ALL! URL, blog feeds, ready to burn? What do all these things mean and how do I implement them?

Secondly, blog about things that interest me. Perhaps I will add a book review tab, or get the kids to add a film review tab - they watch enough movies here as the TV is so, so, so bad! I may even use a tab to have a go at some Creative Writing tasks (gulp). Or possibly start adding photos of food that I am about to eat, or of cakes that I have baked; although I am not sure I am capable of changing that much!

So apologies in advance if my blog keeps changing its appearance, adding things and deleting things, but is a new year and time to grow new things and share them. 

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Jane said...

Yes, don't try and please the audience. x