Saturday, 28 December 2013

First Harvest.

Well the bananas have ripened at last. They may be small, but they are jolly tasty.

I wonder how long we will have to wait for the next bunch to sprout? We had to cut down the branch where they grew, so that the plant can rejuvenate and hopefully produce more fruit in the future. I think we are a long way off supplying the supermarkets!

The small ones are more ...

Not only have we tasted our first bananas today, but DH was also sent up one of the palm trees to collect our first crop of coconuts. A few have fallen of their own accord and they really do land with a thud; you certainly don't want to be standing underneath a tree when they are falling.

Watch Out! Coconuts Falling!

17 coconuts in total 

DH very excitedly, whipped out the machete and got to chopping the tops off of the coconuts so that we could drink the water. He is not quite as impressive as the locals with his coconut-chopping skills, but still not bad for a beginner! However, as the fruit is continuously bathing in the sun, the liquid tasted foul, nothing like the Coco-Frio they sell on the beaches and roadside for a dollar.

Instead I filtered the liquid that we managed to save (a great deal dribbled down YS front as he tried to drink straight from the fallen fruit). In the end, I refrigerated just over 2 litres of coconut water in order that we could drink it later - nice and cold! 

So, it is early evening and whilst I am sitting here tapping away on the keyboard, I am drinking a cool, refreshing banana and coconut smoothie - all from our garden. Cheers!


Gabriela Bernate said...

Nice! We pay A LOT here from your coconut water!

Sole Segura said...


Coconut is one of the HEALTHIEST superfoods on the planet for the human body.

I can totally see you making your COCONUT OIL now... (there are videos published on YOUTUBE) - Do you know over here in London we pay £8 for a small jar for raw organic coconut oil??? And that you can use it for cooking, or as a dairy substitute, antibacterial, skin moisturizer, for wounds, etc, etc

Do you know how lucky you are having those in your garden???
FAB Business idea...!!!