Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wind Power, Nicaragua.

As you cross the border into Nicaragua, one of the first things that strikes you is how good the roads are in comparison to Costa Rica; very few potholes indeed. Also the lack of fancy, expensive looking cars; a great many people still have a pony and trap for transport. Nice smooth roads for the ponies then?

However the second and most striking thing that you notice, are the huge amount of wind-turbines: almost one hundred of them spinning alongside the Pan-American Highway and near the shores of Lake Nicaragua.

This is the first wind farm in Nicaragua and is one of the largest in Central America. It is actually funded by a British company and its hopes are to provide a third of the country's total energy demands during peak hours. 

Rivas, once known as the 'City of Mangoes' is fast becoming known as the 'City of Windmills'.

The Road To Rivas.

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