Tuesday, 15 October 2013

For my running friends ...

First run on the open road today!

In fact first run on the open road or otherwise since about June 2012! 

Certainly my first run ever in 30 degrees Celsius, and it was only 8.30 in the morning!

As soon as I find the Garmin cables, I can download the route we took and you can see the gradients. But for now running enthusiasts, I can only share my stats with you ...

Apparently we are 130m above sea level. The round trip to the main road and back is about 3.5 km. Pretty damn hilly!!

DH and I ran at a nice steady pace the 2km downhill to sea level, taking 14 minutes; not too bad for a first attempt? Another 0.5km along the flat, at the base of Ocotal mountain, took 5 minutes more. The final stretch, which was of course uphill, was a killer; I really thought I was going to die and in fact I surrendered to walking for perhaps the initial (almost vertical!) 0.5 km. Time wise - well, who is really counting anyway? - was dreadful as it took a further 19 minutes!! Still had some energy in reserve as ended on a 100m sprint(ish).

Don't think I will be able to walk at all tomorrow.

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stella B said...

Repeated three days later, when my legs had recovered (well almost). Bit quicker and less walking up the hill.