Tuesday, 10 September 2013

La Sele are through to Brazil 2014

Just a quick post tonight.

La Sele, otherwise known as the Costa Rica national football team, are through to Brazil 2014. 

According to Wikipedia, they are the third most successful team in Central America.

Finally, a bit of Latino spirit is evident in these laid back people! What with defeating the USA on home turf on Friday night, San Jose and the whole of Costa Rica has gone football crazy tonight! Avenida Segundo (2nd Street) is full of partying Ticos, all dancing in the street waving their flags. Cars are maniacally  driving around the city, tooting their horns, flashing their hazard lights (if they have any bulbs in them), waving even more national flags. The city actually looks and sounds alive tonight! Music can be heard drifting through the air from the numerous bars that can be found in the city and people are actually wandering through the usually deserted streets.

Celebrations in La Sele's locker room in Kingston, Jamaica, are being aired continuously on the national television screens. There is also a constant stream of videos of partying Ticos in various towns around the country. What is noticeable from these images however, is that unlike the UK, this nation seems to be celebrating without the aid of beer!! I am sure that the amber nectar will be consumed long into the night tonight, but for the moment, the Ticos are just too excited to stop beeping those car horns!

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Caroline Varley said...

I can't believe you are posting about football! Or that you even know their name!! That's more than you learnt in 42 years in the UK! Bravo!

Love reading the blog - start uploading pics - new homes sounds wonderful xx