Saturday, 7 September 2013

First five days!

Well, we have been here two weeks already and I have yet to put fingertips to keyboard and start blogging. I am very apprehensive of putting my thoughts down as I am prone to ramble. But hey, what have I go to lose? This blog is for my friends and family as well as for me, so here goes!

Well what can you achieve in 2 weeks in Costa Rica? Quite a lot, so I think I will break down this blog into two or more parts!

Having arrived on a Friday evening, in San Jose we had visited 2 museums by Saturday afternoon; bijou I would call them, and not really very exciting, to me at least. We did however, have the pleasure of listening to an orchestra practising in the Teatro Nacional, which was rather uplifting.
Two beautiful Cocker Spaniel puppies were spotted in a vet/pet shop for sale - extremely tempting with their doleful eyes, but like a responsible adult, temptation was resisted! Sunday morning was spent in the Sabana Metropolitan Park, enjoying a stroll, watching various ages and sizes of Tico's (Costa Rican people) engaging in all kinds of physical activity.

By Monday, we had had our first meeting to present paperwork to start the process of becoming residents. Plus we had our first meeting at the bank to set up accounts. To my surprise, we were only there an hour and all seemed complete; but alas, no, we had to return on the Tuesday to pick up our bank cards, another hour of form filling. To my delight (note hint of sarcasm) on my bank card, I have the word 'Mujer' emblazoned on the top right corner. This to the non-Spanish speakers is 'woman'!! Is it that difficult to tell what gender I am? I was wearing a dress ... perhaps I look like a cross-dresser or transvestite, I'm not sure. Needless to say this 'bristled' me somewhat and the obligatory 'Imperial' beer at lunchtime did not lessen the indignation!

A quick trip to the British Embassy was also scheduled in. Not very exciting, other than it is on the same floor as the Israeli Embassy in a very unassuming high rise building. An ex-copper, with the same name as a certain headmaster is in charge; he was convinced that he and DH had met before!!! Very odd room, no hint of Britishness other than a large poster of Wills and Kate with Baby George!

So enough of the big city for a while and off to the beach in the next post!

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